Or it’s the single father that appreciates a place to rehab and hang out with his kids….

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The Y has an exchange program with the Sioux YMCA in Dupree, SD. We are seeking energetic and fun loving preschool teacher aides.

Be willing to get down on the children’s level, run, play and interact all day long!! This week our child care/preschool programs are closed so the rooms can be cleaned and re-done so they are sparkly and bright for our new kiddos that will be started on Monday.

If you are at the YMCA in Rapid City on a normal basis, there is a constant buzz of kids laughing, smiling, and giving out hugs. The kids rotate between classroom time, outside walk/chalk time, roof-top playground time, gym time, and beloved swim lessons.

The staff and members at the Y often see the parade of kids going through the hallways.

The Member-Led Service Committee selects, promotes and leads fun and rewarding community-based service projects with and for members of the Y.

The service committee provides a way for Y members to lead service projects that benefit the community outside Y programming.BUILDING A HEALTHY WORKFORCE What is a corporate partnership with the Y?A corporate partnership is an agreement between the YMCA of Rapid City and your business to help promote healthy lifestyles within the workforce.Through cultural exchange programs the YMCA of Rapid City is able to reach out to other countries and provide services and support to children worldwide.Currently, the YMCA of Rapid City has exchange programs with the Sioux YMCA in Dupree, SD as well as the YMCA Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I think that we all go through life and don't let people know how much we appreciate them.At the YMCA, we are trying to let people know how much they mean to us and why they inspire us.