The victim can kill himself and till now, there are so many people who killed themselves such as Amanda Todd.

it is really a shame that people can be so inconsiderate and so cruel. Whatever happens, there won't be always someone to help the victim but the victim has to fight alone..

We should not bring people in unnecessary problems. " and they will think " What on earth i was thinking! Of course every case is different, but if this happens again please consider speaking to a teacher or an adult you can trust who may be able to offer you help and support.

To stay safe online I never talk to people I don’t know. If I was Joe I would first stop being online and just act like it never happend.

If it would continue I would stay at home because I will be very scared.

It's a great chance for people to meet friends or even dates, I go into this room and the GLBT room, This is place is cool, If you're bored you can come here!

Anyways, in the chat rooms you end up talking to people for couple days and over time it seems like they become family almost.

Not everboy have to be your best friend but you have to live with them, and it is much easier if you don't have enemies. Those who are not very clever, that's why they envy those who're cleverer! At first, they pretended good and kind to friends enough to give reassurance that they were never be mean! gradually the bullies acted a little standoffish and twist the target who is usually mild and loved by others with nature. give them 1 or 2 week and copy what they said and put the word "Remember This Phrase ? irl, once you commit suicide, you will never ever respawn... Or how about pretending like a robbot with no emotion!? There may be times when it's best to ignore the bully or to report them to the site or the operators of the online game.

So be friendly to everyone and they will be friendly to you too. I mean I cannot bear people who make laugh at smb, just because this one looks different or has some particular qualities. They can't even image how victims suffer from the "jokes". Usually if a bully grows and become cleverer, s/he will stop bulling, but some ditto it until they become more misery........ What the bullies enjoy is to find the voice in the target's reactions of suffering, confusion, isolation, or protest, which all satisfy the bullies' superiority over time!! Although we were enjoying together at first, I tried to brush them off after that. You probably shouldn't be in any online space where you block and report other users.

It is relentless and aggressive, reaching kids at the dinner table while sitting with their parents, or in the privacy of their bedroom. Kids who bully others through electronic means are able to hide behind the technology, remaining anonymous if they choose.

Kids who cyberbully don’t immediately see the reaction of their words or taunts, which might otherwise spark some empathy for the pain they have caused.

since oh heck, when there was the chat room "The Bar" (All you old timers in teh cell know what I'm talking about).