A key decision will be whether to continue with the controversial decision to cull badgers to control the spread of TB in cattle.

Claire Perry Job title: Minister, Department for Transport Education: Nailsea School, Brasenose College, Oxford Age: 50 Family: Separated, three children Why promoted: Mrs Perry built a career in the City after obtaining an MBA at Harvard University.

The plans were blocked by the Liberal Democrats but her efforts to make them work were applauded by David Cameron, the Prime Minister.

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She won friends in the Conservative party when she said in a BBC interview last December that Nigel Farage, the UK Independence Party leader, as looking “like somebody has put their finger up his bottom and he really rather likes it”.

Miss Soubry was made a junior health minister in September 2012, when she said she backed assisted suicide for the terminally ill.

She will also have to cope with the rising tide of veterans affected by post-traumatic stress disorder from Britain’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past decade.

Amber Rudd Job title: Minister, Department for Energy and Climate Change Education: University of Edinburgh (history) Age: 50 Family: Single, (divorced writer AA Gill in 1995); two children Why promoted: Miss Rudd, whose brother is renowned City PR executive Roland Rudd, built a career in the City before becoming a headhunter before entering Parliament in 2010.

Anna Soubry Job title: Minister, Ministry of Defence Education: University of Birmingham (law) Age: 57 Family: Single, two children Why promoted: The daughter of a Lincolnshire garage owner, Miss Soubry was a regional television journalist in the 1980s before training and qualifying as a barrister.

She was elected in 2010 as MP for Broxtowe, and made her name as a moderniser, with strong support for same sex marriage.

In tray: Miss Mordaunt’s responsibilities had not been assigned by last night.

However she will be able to apply a feminine touch to a department which has been dominated by male ministers since the Coalition was formed in 2010.

Elizabeth Truss Job title: Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Education: Merton College, Oxford University Age: 38 Family: Married, with two daughters Education: Roundhay Comprehensive School, Leeds; Oxford University Why promoted: Mrs Truss was raised by Labour-supporting parents first in Paisley, Scotland and then in Leeds.

She worked for Shell, the oil company, as a commercial manager before becoming deputy director of Reform, the thinktank, in 2008, where she pushed hard for rigorous academic standards in schools.

Since the 2010 election she has campaigned on stopping children having unfettered access to the internet and won the support of Prime Minister David Cameron for new filters on computers.