Can be demonstrated by asking the patient to memorize five items and to recall them after five minutes, alternatively an address with five different components can be recalled.

Elucidating the pathophysiology of delirium concorddating com

Though visual hallucinations of animals are characteristic of alcohol intoxication, visual and auditory hallucinations are also common in delirium.

[6],[7]Hypoactive delirium and depression both are characterized by apathy, withdrawal and sleep disturbances.

Delusions are more related to the memory impairment and disorientation, than a psychotic pathology.

[2][6]Sepsis or infections commonly cause delirium especially in the elderly (urinary tract infections and respiratory tract infections are common).

Usually depression presents in recurrent episodes or in chronic cases there may be a significant past psychiatric history. During communication medical staff should avoid medical jargon. There should be signs displaying time,date and place to re-orient the patient.

Caregivers and staff should be consistent to avoid confusion.

[1],[2]The most widely used anti psychotic is Haloperidol.

This is effective in reducing agitation, hallucinations and delusions.

Disorientation , agitation and memory impairment are common in both, but delirium has more acute onset in comparison to the gradual deterioration of dementia. Though disorientation characteristic in delirium it can also occur in latter stage of dementia.