A longer credit history indicates that you’re an experienced borrower worth lending money to.

If you’re not happy about the way your complaint has been handled, you can refer it to the financial ombudsman.

This free service can order errors to be corrected.

If your credit-to- debt ratio (how much you owe compared to your available credit) is low, your credit score will benefit, since it illustrates that you don’t rely too much on credit.

You can figure out your utilization rate by dividing your total credit balances by your total credit limits.

Alternatively, you could take the matter to the small claims court.

A free Credit Sesame account utilizes information from Trans Union, one of the major national credit bureaus.

The agency has 28 days to remove the information or tell you why it does not agree with you.

If the agency does not amend your record, you have the right to send a 200-word notice of correction, which will be added to your file.

Credit Expert gives you unlimited online access to your credit report and score.

Experian says it also continuously monitors your file and alerts you to any changes and potential fraudulent activity.

Your payment history makes the biggest impact on your FICO score.