So even if your IP is clean, it might be blocked because of surrounding IPs. We dream of a day when IP reputation does not matter and we can rely on domain reputation, but unfortunately we are not there yet.

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We focus on the infrastructure and monitoring of email so that if you are sending something people want, they will get it; and if you are not sending something people want, you will know about it and hopefully change that.

One of the most important assets you have in the email world (much like the real world) is your reputation.

Due to the importance of reputation, a significant portion of our discussion on best practices revolves around building and maintaining your email reputation.

Our goal with respect to your email reputation is to make sure that the infrastructure is optimized for emails reaching the inbox and doesn’t get in your way.

We do use cloud servers for some of the infrastructure (where it makes sense), but for most of Mailgun we like large, robust, dedicated machines.

We use dedicated IP addresses in large subnets and we do background checks and extensive testing on our IP addresses.

Content can be paraphrased with a few words: ‘send something people want’ (to paraphrase Y Combinator’s motto).

Creating good content is probably the hardest part, so apologies for the huge caveat.

We give you all the tools for establishing a good sending reputation, but it’s ultimately up to you to send emails appropriately. However, if you follow a couple rules (along with properly authenticating your email), you will most likely build up a great email sending reputation: A brief note on hosting since hosting technology is changing so quickly, it will likely be out of date in a few months.

Large, virtual cloud environments are generally not the best environments for email for a few reasons: We host Mailgun mostly on dedicated servers.

If you do not have a good reputation tied to your domain and your IP address (“IP” used herein for abbreviation), your email will not reach your recipients’ inboxes.