Professionals' Matchmaking only introduces eligible-to-marry persons to our clients.BEING SINGLE is the most crucial criterion among all.A serial of vital steps proceeded here for each applicant aims for the best protection from love predators and the highest chance of matchmaking success.

Every couple has their specific issues in concern when they are cultivating their relation in reality.

The common issues that we usually come across in Couple-Relation Mediation include: having children or not after marriage (Here recall our common experience that perfect couples separate painfully as they cannot compromise on the issue of giving baby and are suffered from continuous pressure of conservative parents.) place to root themselves when both parties come from different places or countries communication problems and conflicts with the family of their partner thoughts on ex-wife or ex-husband living and study issues of their children and children of ex-relation share of financial burden, property ownership, relation intruded by a third party In our experience, we encourage our clients to pick and solve their couple issues in the early stage before those issues are fermented to endless disturbance of their well-built relation.

Professionals' Matchmaking invites mature age groups of MEN 28 and LADIES 23 who are earnest to search for their soulmates.

Mature attitude of love search in these age groups enhances the successful rate of maintaining a hard-earned relationship.

Couple problems can be easily dissolved by a third-party mediator who is professional to spot and narrow the gap in a built couple.

In additional to our Marriage Matchmaking Consultancy for professional singles, Couple-Relation Mediation is our additional delicate humane service which aims to enhance the built relationship of both married and unmarried couples.

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