”This little exchange between friends is echoed in one form or another countless times between singles everywhere.In fact, it’s one of the top complaints that single people lament: Finding a date is hard. With 90 million singles in America, could it be that “all the good ones are taken” near you? According to the American Association for Single People, an “unmarried majority” has emerged in most major cities, as well as in several states.

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And what if you knew that each of them was just as interested as you are in finding a person to date? They wouldn’t be in this room if they were not looking for love. Entering this room would instantly and dramatically increase your chances for finding a date worth keeping.

Would you be interested in finding a room like this? And that’s exactly what dating online does for you and your love life.

“All the good ones are taken,” Jennifer complained.

“There’s nobody to date – even if I lower my standards.

After too much dissatisfaction and defeat with the more traditional dating route, or lack thereof, Jennifer finally gave into dating online.

“I eventually realized I had little to lose and a lot to gain. ’ Online, I can do three dates a week with three different guys if I want to.

In fact, the majority of households in the nation are headed by unmarried adults. If you were to make a list of all the potential people to date in your social circles right now, how long would it be?

So, why is it that singles are complaining about not finding a date? Can you list a dozen eligible people you’d consider dating? Or are you, like most single adults, having a tough time coming up with a significant list of potential people to date?

Besides, I wanted to put a stop to dealing with blurred lines,” she said. In my regular life, I don’t think I even meet three new guys in a week, let alone a single guy that would possibly like to date me.”Jennifer also learned that dating online allows her to set her own parameters on whether she would like to consider finding a date outside of her hometown.

She decided that an hour and a half drive was a small price to pay for not just finding a date, but the love of her life. Todd, a manager of a sales team for a pharmaceutical company, had never been to Jennifer’s town before he met her online.

But as Jennifer eventually said, “We got to the point where both of our cars could almost drive that stretch of highway between our homes automatically.”The point is that whether you live in a large city or a small town, dating online allows you to expand your dating horizons – and, thus, your chances for finding true love.