But at the end of the 2004 season when the Rebels were 4-7 the year following quarterback Eli Manning's final season, then-athletic director Pete Boone fired Cutcliffe because he wouldn't fire some of his assistants.Ole Miss promptly hired someone with no head coaching experience, a USC assistant named Ed Orgeron who won three SEC games in three seasons and was fired. Cutcliffe was back at Tennessee as offensive coordinator when "The Search" used his mental Doppler radar to find him.Then-North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said the players had been victims of a "tragic rush to accuse." Pressler won financial settlements twice from Duke in 20, respectively.

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Somebody was looking out for me to stay home Thursday morning. ." Then I'd hear one paramedic ask the other with stunned panic in his voice, "Joe Alleva is THE SEARCH?

Because something bad could have happened if I had been behind the wheel of my car while listening to the following exchange on the Culotta and the Fan radio show on ESPN 104.5 in Baton Rouge between host Jordy Culotta and LSU athletic director Joe Alleva. " The other paramedic would sadly shake his head, look me and say, "Move over.

"The Search" fired Hillier after the Duke Chronicle, the school's independent daily newspaper, was told by seven players on the Duke roster or who had played at Duke that Hillier implicitly suggested the players use steroids. Hillier was canned after the 2005 season, three years after four players confidentially admitted to an athletics department official in the fall of 2002 that they had used performance-enhancing drugs.

Mc Nally, who succeeded Hillier, resigned at the end of the 2012 season, long after "The Search" was hired by LSU.

Coming in October, Joe Alleva is a major college athletic director under the gun trying to find a big-name football coach to win a national championship, help raise ticket prices and ultimately preserve his own job security. The one thing "The Search" finally learned in his 10 years as Duke's A. starting in 1998 is he must hire someone with head coach experience.

The first head coach hired by "The Search" at Duke happened in 1999 when he chose Carl Franks, a former Duke running back and a 12-year assistant coach at Duke and Florida under Steve Spurrier.

He almost had to change his name twice, first to "Secret Search" and then to "Terminated Search." Every school has its method of finding a head football coach.

Some hire search firms to vet candidates away from the prying eyes and ears from the press, and then give the list to a school's search committee.

He didn't help his cause last season when his team, even with Ben Simmons, the NBA's No.